For my Dunkin Donuts fans – please read ahead!

For my Dunkin Donuts fans – please read ahead!

  • The purpose of this article is to inform you of a little practice I do each year to save me money on Dunkin’ Donuts coffee, for the upcoming year.
  • Each year typically during Thanksgiving / Christmas, Dunkin offers you the opportunity to buy coffee coupons/card. One coupon/card gives you 6 large coffees for the price of $10 (in other words, 1 card = 6 coffees). That means each coffee costs$1.66 instead of the $2.68 it costs now.
  • Rather than purchasing 1 or 2 coupons for fun, I purchase enough coupons/cards to cover a full year of demand… and in doing so, I save quite a lot.
  • In order to know how many coupon/cards to purchase, I first calculate how many coffees I buy at Dunkin each year.

    • I usually purchase coffee during the weekends, during personal time off and holidays. This calculation comes out to 139 cups per year – this is my demand. At the current rate of $2.68 per cup, my yearly costs equals $372.52.
  • Instead of purchasing the coffee at the market rate, I will purchase 23 coupons/cards, which gives me a total of 138 cups. At a rate of $1.66 per cup, my 138 cups will now cost me $229.08.
  • That’s a yearly savings of $142.92!

The money I just saved could be used towards monthly expenses such as gas, electric bill or I could purchase a few stocks!

  • To further convey why this is a great idea:

    • The cards do not expire.
    • You are protected from price increases(as any coffee lover has noticed, coffee prices keep going up and up each year).
    • You can purchase the cards/coupons with your Dunkin Donuts perks account. In doing so, you earn points towards a free beverage. When I first bought my first pack of 10 cards, I received 3 free coffees automatically!
    • Who wouldn’t want to save some money!
  • I have to be fair – here are a few negatives you should be aware of:

    • Unfortunately you can’t use the “on the go” feature in the Dunkin app, which means you can’t order your coffee beforehand. Hopefully Dunkin adds this feature in the near future.
    • Dunkin does not have a website where you could check your “balance,” or how many coffees you have left on the card. This means you have to look at your receipt to get this information. Again, I’m hopeful that Dunkin creates a site where you could check your balance in the near future.

I’ve been practicing this for the past 3 years and I have no regrets, especially as the price of coffee keeps going up.

P.S. I encourage everyone to review their expenses and come up with ways to save or reduce some of those expenses. Money saved means you could put that money towards something that will make you even more money!

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