About Us


  • Empower good financial decision making by providing you with practical financial knowledge.
  • Enjoy being a part of a community of like-minded folks where you should feel comfortable asking questions, posting comments and sharing your stories.
  • Provide the foundation for creating your personal financial freedom roadmap.

Our philosophy

  • Our definition of financial freedom is simple: it is having the power to decide whether or not to work (or how much to work) because your basic necessities are covered by multiple financial instruments.
  • No, you won’t get rich overnight…wealth is a process, not an event. The event of attaining wealth is a result of that process.

Why this blog?

  • Because we found there were too many people who started caring and/or planning their financial freedom roadmap too late in life…Financial discipline is blind to income and you cannot medicate poor money management with more money.
  • We want to empower, inspire anyone and everyone, even young kids to think about and plan for their financial future because the earlier we build great financial habits, the easier and faster you will obtain financial freedom. It’s time to end the cycle of poor financial discipline and this all comes down to your financial beliefs and choices.
  • We started our mission towards financial freedom during our early 20s and want to share our successes, mistakes and tips.
  • We love to hear from others and build on each other knowledge and experiences.

Well, let me first introduce myself! My name is Yinette and while there is quite a lot to say about me, I’ll keep it short so you won’t leave the blog :). While I currently work, my goal is to achieve financial freedom, which means I have enough passive income covering my expenses. Therefore, I wouldn’t care if I had a 9-5 job or not. I am making the necessary steps to get to that state. A little bit about me:

  1. No, I don’t come from a well-off family; in fact, growing up, I was so broke McDonalds was a luxury.
  2. I graduated college early to save money and with zero loans due to scholarships.
  3. I become a co-op owner at age 22. Mortgage has been paid.
  4. I paid for grad school with my own money.
  5. I am a parent..
  6. I make a certain amount per month through passive financial instruments and yes, I am still in my twenties.

Now, James on the other hand, has been my partner-in-crime since college. James is a software engineer (very smart guy) who loves to research new sources of income. Unlike me, James graduated from college with $44,000 in student loans and paid off his loans within 2 years by applying a disciplined financial management.

We both contribute to the blog posts 🙂 Thank you for stopping by – we hope you enjoy this blog. Contact us if you have any questions, feedback, etc.