5 Investing/Saving Myths

Don’t believe any of these  – start investing, saving TODAY!

  1. You need to make a lot of money to start investing  (Hint: We are not in the 1%.)
  2. I still have time to start to save, invest…isn’t this something only “older folks” do? (Hint: Time is on your side when you start early so please do not wait until your 30s, 40s to get serious about investing, saving.)
  3. I need a financial advisor before I could start investing (Hint: We don’t have a financial advisor.)
  4. If I invest today, I’ll be rich in a year…or two…(Hint: Change is a process, not an event)
  5. Becoming financially independent means I won’t have to work a day in my life! (Hint: There is nothing wrong with “working,” just don’t fall into the rat race.)

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